Gender Reveal

Going into this pregnancy Michael thought we would have to wait months, like most, to find out whether or not our little peanut is a boy or girl. Then my doctor told me about the numerous test she wanted me to take to find out if our baby has any diseases or abnormalities. I agreed to everything because I’m a first time mom, and I wasn’t ready to fight back on this office’s protocol for all expecting mothers. When the time came closer my doctor notified me that the Panaroma blood test I was taking at 11 weeks would also tell me the gender the baby if I wanted to know. I couldn’t believe that reading the baby’s chromosomes through the mother’s blood was even possible. Modern medicine is truly amazing! {I was skeptical how correct this test could be, but the office said they’ve never seen the test be wrong so I was convinced!}

The timing worked out perfectly because it takes about ten business days to get this specific test back from the company that does it.  So my next appointment was scheduled so I would come in and find out after the test got back to my doctor office. That also happened to be the last day of my mom’s trip to the city to visit Michael and me! My mom was SO excited to make our gender reveal a day to remember.

Around 11am on a Monday, my mom went with me for my check up. Everything looked great and I was gaining the proper amount of weight (phew!) according to the doctor. The doctor asked if I wanted to find out the gender. I said that I would like her to write it down and put it in an envelope for my mom. So she did that and then my mom tried to get rid of me as fast as possible! Of course she couldn’t contain her curiosity, and she looked in the envelope as soon as I left on the subway to go back to work. After work we met my mom at Olive Garden in Times Square for dinner and the most fun way to find out the gender of our peanut. She had arranged with Hershey’s in Times Square to display the message on their billboard at a 6:15pm. So at that time Michael and I called our families on Google+ and my mom was ready with the camera. {for posterity’s sake, the my family’s guess count was 7 for girl and 3 for boy. Michael guessed girl, and I guessed boy.} We turned around, at our perfectly picked out table by my mother, to see the Hershey’s billboard out the floor to ceiling windows. Then the waiter arrived with special drinks and my mom gave us the candy bar.

IMG_6654 IMG_6657

Dinner was so great. And I just couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Finding out the gender makes things a little more real for Michael and me, and I feel that connection between me and peanut growing stronger. The fun wasn’t over for the night though. We took pictures in Times Square and then had a sweet surprise waiting for us at home.

 IMG_6668 (1) IMG_6671 (1)

IMG_6673 (1) IMG_6675


^^The next day I surprised my team with “cupcarons” {cupcake + macarons} from Melissa’s bakery to tell them the gender. It was a tad confusing because there is pink icing on these, but it was the most blue cupcake they had!^^

I’m so glad my mom was able to come visit in general. She is just so much fun! And of course a huge help around the apartment. It was so special to have her there to make our gender reveal so much fun. {and she loved being the first to know haha}. The next time my mom comes to town she will be called Grandma. And I will find so much joy when she’s holding our little boy.

IMG_0281 IMG_0279

^^14 weeks^^


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