Oh Baby…

Starting a family is something Michael and I have been excited about and praying about since day one. Both of us adore kids and love being around them. Even while we were engaged we would discuss names for our future children. After a series of moments that the light bulb went on for both of us we decided it was time to grow our eternal family. These moments are very personal to us, but I will say I’m so incredibly grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who leads and guides us to know when the timing is right for different events in our life.

At the end of January I had this feeling that I was pregnant. I held off saying anything to Michael until I took a home test at the end of the week. On my way home from work I bought a test and took it right before Michael got home. I was honestly stunned when I saw that little plus sign. It just didn’t feel real! I was so impatient for Michael to get home at this point. I started texting him like crazy asking for updates on his whereabouts. When he got home I had a picture I made waiting for him on the computer. I wanted him to come sit down and see it, but of course he ran to the bathroom when he got in the door. So I’m sitting on the couch yelling into the next room “where are you going?!” “To the bathroom…? Is something wrong?” Michael shouts back. “And I’m like nope…just wondering what you were doing…come here when you are done I want to show you something!” I yell back. Anyway he finally sits down because he can tell I will have heart attack if he doesn’t. Michael a similar reaction to mine when I showed him the picture below. Stunned, speechless, but so, so happy.



Since then it has been really hard to keep our mouths shut that we are expecting! We are so happy we just wanted to share it with the world! It becomes especially hard when you feel like the news becomes all encompassing with your life. About a week after we found out I started feeling really sick. I basically got every symptom you read about in the first trimester. I honestly couldn’t believe my body became a text book pregnancy. I had tried to be so optimistic that pregnancy wouldn’t be too hard for me before I was expecting that I was sure morning sickness wouldn’t really be a thing for me. It also didn’t help knowing that neither my mother or my maternal grandmother did not have morning sickness whatsoever with any of their pregnancies!!! Anyway moral of the story is that the last 8 weeks or so have been more difficult than ever imagined. And now I have a new appreciation for my amazing Michael and my sympathetic new team at work. My gratitude for those people is off the charts.

image2 image3 image4 image5

{1} The weekend Michael and I found out about our sweet baby {2} Our fancy night out on the town for Valentine’s Day. Note to Reader: don’t go to a restaurant’s set 7 course menu night while pregnant. It is delicious but painful. {3} Baby’s first picture {4} 11 weeks on 11th Street


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